Sex with a sleeping roommate

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When Ben comes home, his straight roommate Lance is already asleep. Ben is horny jacks off while he is staring at his sleeping roommate. Ben has a crush on Lance and wants to get in his pants for some time already. He reaches out and touches Lance’s crotch and find out he must have a nice dream, cause his cock is rock hard already. He can no longer resist and gets Lance’s stiff dick out of his shorts.

Gently he plays with the hard cock of his straight roommate. Since Lance does not wake up, Ben decides to take the big piece of meat in his mouth and give him a nice blowjob. It makes Ben even hornier than he already was and he would love to have Lance’s lips around his dick. He pushes his hard dick against Lance’s warm lips and works his dick inside his mouth. When he tries to 69 Lance, he wakes up. Since he’s horny (he probably had a really horny dream), he decides to go with it and sucks Ben’s dick.

Both boys enjoy the mutual blowjob, but the fun is not over yet. Ben tries to explore Lance’s borders and see how far he can go… He wasn’t expecting much but Ben was wrong. Lance is tired and horny and that seems to be a perfect mixture to make him a willing bottom. Ben fucks his straight roommate while he is on his belly and Lance screams it out (not exactly sure if he screams in pleasure or if he screams in pain).

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