Commanding officer Love proves his fucking worth

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    Marty Love fucks George Basten

    There isn’t a commanding officer alive who wants to be left feeling embarrassed in front of his men, so you can quite understand Marty Love’s reluctance to respond to George Basten’s over-the-fence advances whilst the fellow conducts troop manoeuvres. But temptation can be a funny old thing, and even the prospect of his underlings watching as he cops off with the young blond makes little difference in the end.

    Officer Love, it seems, has simply got to have a piece of that sweet white meat – no matter what the consequences! Cue a fantastic open-air encounter between two of our most popular models: Basten, the archetypal blond twink, and Love, a buff, well-endowed stud who literally can’t wait to bury that monstrous uncut cock into his pal’s hungry pucker.

    As if to emphasize the difference in physiques, Love proceeds to toss Basten around like a rag doll, lifting him upside down so that the boy can suck on his dick before finally fingering and fucking the lad into total submission. By the time that Love ultimately spurts the contents of his balls into Basten’s fuck-hole – all in full sight of his company – we reckon you’ll be jerking off big-time in appreciation!

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    Hot ebony studs Yates and Kiern fuck

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      Yates fucks Kiern Duecan

      Yates is the type of dude that takes what he wants. As an interior painter, he comes across a good share of hot guys looking to rent apartments. Today he’s meeting Kiern Duecan, a muscular, athletic young man who’s interested in checking out the condo space. Yates can tell that Kiern likes what he sees…and I don’t mean the condo.Yates uses an old trick to see if guys wanna hook up.

      He goes into the bathroom, making plenty of noise so the dude knows, but leaves the door open a little. Then Yates pulls his fat cock out and just stands there. If a fish is hungry, he’ll bite. Kiern is definitely biting. He tries to slightly show interest by lingering for a fraction of a second longer than necessary after walking in on Yates. A few moments later, Yates walks into the empty master bedroom with his cock hanging out of his work jeans.

      Kiern wastes no time getting low and putting his lips around the huge dong. After enjoying Yates’s throbber for a bit, they switch so Kiern can get his own boner wet. But Yates doesn’t like to waste an opportunity, and this one’s as golden as they come. You gotta see the hard pounding he delivers to Kiern’s tight hole. Chalk up another one for the hard working Yates!

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      Denis fucks Tomm at HDK Raw

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        Denis Reed and Tomm at HDK Raw

        These two college boys are really into getting slippery, and off. Tomm, the dark haired boy and his partner, Denis Reed are up for some “schooling” in this HDK Raw video of “Bareback Campus 5“. The two stroke one another and kiss. Tomm goes down on Denis and shows him another way to wash off the soap. Enjoy the enthusiasm that only comes from two boys working hard together.

        Denis then has his turn at oral manipulation as he sucks the large shaft of Tomm. Also stroking himself, Denis has a nice large cock to satisfy. From the side of Tomm and Denis’ front, both are very happy working together, and it shows. Tomm guides his partner’s head to hit all the right spots, balls too.

        The two move to the floor so Tomm can work on Denis‘ cock again, readying it for his hole. Both men moan, “yeah,” exactly what I’m thinking. From above we can appreciate all of Denis’ fine, hard abs and fine, hard cock, for that matter. Tomm spits on the head and tongues over it as he strokes. He then looks up at Denis, smiles and goes atop to ride. With Tomm above, Denis thrusts from below, firm and fast. Wow, class went by quickly, and hard, but they have not completed their “ASSignment;” come again and see the climax of their work.

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        Jacob Valdez wanks his uncut dick

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          Jacob Valdez jerks his uncut cock

          It seems as though you’ve interrupted Jacob Valdez’s morning. Joining him mid-breakfast by the pool, he finishes up and then goes inside to take his morning shower. Soaping and lathering up as the hot water cleanses and wakes up his senses, Jacob gets a little frisky as he washes his nether regions, feeling his cock harden in his hands as it too wakes up for yet another day.

          Jacob squeezes the head of his beautiful uncut dick and it throbs in response, so he dries off, and instead of dressing immediately, he decides to let you watch another morning ritual of his, as he reclines on the couch and spreads his legs wide, stroking his uncut cock the whole time.

          Standing by the window, the pool looks so refreshing, so Jacob makes his way back out to the pool and wades on the steps as he pulls his dick with a reckless abandon until he bursts his morning load all over himself.

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          Brock Cooper jerks off for Dylan Lucas

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            Brock Cooper jerks off for Dylan Lucas

            After a hot night of sex Brock Cooper is late for work. Brock jumps on his motorcycle and damn if the bike doesn’t start. As Brock starts to fix his bike his thoughts turn to the night before and the wild night of partying and sex. Figuring he is going to probably be fired now he just decides to relax and rub one out. Watching his handsome face and hot body naked and jerking off is going to make you want to get naked and jerk off with him. And please do because nothing makes Brock happier!

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            Paddy O’Brian fucks Ty Roderick

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              Paddy O'Brian fucks Ty Roderick

              Hot and horny, Paddy O’Brian and Ty Roderick are making out by the pool. Paddy’s throbbing cock is begging for Ty’s attention as he swallows the meaty shaft. Moving inside for more, Paddy gets ready to give Ty’s ass a serious pounding. Sweaty from the exertions Paddy pulls out and shoots a hot creamy load of cum on Ty who quickly strokes himself to his own ultimate orgasm.

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